The Journey On Podcast Summit with Warwick Schiller

“A beautiful event that celebrates the evolution of human consciousness in the context of life among horses” – Kerri Lake

2024 Summits

Journey On Podcast Summit Birmingham England


The Summit goes to the UK! Join us for a weekend of spectacular guests in Birmingham, England. 


The summit heads to the West Coast in the heart of wine country. Journey On Ranch tours will be available.

Journey On Summit Recordings

You can watch any of the previous summits as we recorded them via Livestream! Become a part of the community of passionate horsepeople

Teach  -  Inspire -  Connect

Each presenter delivered a 20-minute TIC Talk, sharing their personal knowledge and stories. TIC talks are focused primarily on transformative growth with each presenter sharing their own journey and story.


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All of our Summits have been recorded and are available to watch online. Separated into individual TIC Talks and Panel Discussions, the livestream brings the Summit to you at home