November 4-6th, 2022
San Antonio, Texas


The Journey On Summit Livestream

The Journey On Summit is an opportunity to connect with podcast guests as they share their stories and knowledge with the world. Held over three days, each presenter will give their own 20-minute TIC* Talk and we will have multiple panel discussions and Q&A sessions.

In-person tickets have sold out, however the entire event will be livestreamed.


Warwick Schiller

Teach . Inspire . Connect

Each presenter will present a 20-minute TIC Talk, sharing their personal knowledge and stories. Inspired by the TED talks that have motivated and impressed millions around the world, the TIC talks are focused primarily on transformative growth with each presenter sharing their own journey and story.

Livestream Schedule

The summit will give each of the 23 presenters their own time on stage to share their story. Panel Discussions will have multiple presenters discuss topics and contribute to a larger conversation with live Q&A  sessions.