November 4-6th, 2022
San Antonio, Texas


No One Can Quite Put Into Words What This Transformative Event Was. You'll Have to Watch It For Yourself.

What nobody is disputing is that it was magical.  It was life changing.  Whether you were a presenter, an in person attendee or watched the livestream or recordings, you witnessed something very special in the horse world.  Just like the Journey On Podcast has taken on a life of its own, so too did the Journey On Podcast Summit.

The Journey On Podcast Summit – through the recordings on this website, is an opportunity to connect with podcast guests as they share their stories and knowledge with the world. Held over three days, each presenter delivered their own 20-minute TIC* Talk and participated in panel discussions and Q&A sessions.  If you are looking for a community of like minded, cohesive horse people who understand that the best thing they can do for their horse is to work on themselves – you’ve found your home.  Please join us. 

Event recordings now available, click below.  


Warwick Schiller

Teach . Inspire . Connect

Each presenter delivered a 20-minute TIC Talk, sharing their personal knowledge and stories.  TIC talks are focused primarily on transformative growth with each presenter sharing their own journey and story.

Relive the magic

The inaugural event Livestream has been uploaded and organized.  Easily find each presenter’s individual TIC talks as well as the Panel Discussions. Get access to over 18 hours of life-changing presentations!