Birmingham 2024

Journey On Podcast Summit Birmingham England

Birmingham, England
August 1-4, 2024

The Summit makes its way across the Atlantic. The first UK summit will feature presenters from Europe & Beyond!

Attend In Person

In-person tickets now available! This intimate setting allows for close interactions with Presenters and other Attendees. Meet passionate horse people like yourself and experience the power of the Summit in real life!

Livestream Tickets

Be a part of a growing community of horse people who are interested in personal development and a wider shift towards conscious interactions with horses.

Livestream access comes with life-long access to the videos

The Venue

The Crescent Theatre in Birmingham, England is a state of the art space that will showcase each presenter’s unique wisdom in a memorable and impactful way.

Teach - Inspire - Connect

Each presenter delivered a 20-minute TIC Talk, sharing their personal knowledge and stories. TIC talks are focused primarily on transformative growth with each presenter sharing their own journey and story.

Play Video

Elsa Sinclair

Watch a TIC Talk from the inaugural summit in San Antonio, 2022.

Panel Discussions

The Summit is driven by collaboration, passion, and community. Each Panel Discussion features experts who come together to answer questions from the audience. Panel members take turns expanding on each others responses, resulting in unique combinations of expertise and passion.

question & Answer Sessions

In addition to Discussion Panels, at the end of each day Presenters re-group on stage to answer questions from both attendees and other presenters. These sessions often have wonderful insights and start powerful conversations.