The Schillers

Warwick, Robyn, and Tyler all work hard to provide people with the tools, knowledge, and mindsets needed to create a trusting partnership with their horse.

The Journey on Podcast Summit

The Journey on Podcast Summit is a 3-day event that hosts former podcasts guests as they share powerful 20-minute presentations, participate in Discussion Panels, and mingle with Summit attendees.


Access to each Summit’s livestream is purchased separately. The Livestream can be re-visited after the event is over and the purchase never expires. Each individual TIC Talk and Discussion Panel will be broken up and made into separate videos for easy access after the Summit. Access also includes admittance to the respective Summit’s Private Facebook Group where attendees (both in-person and livestream) can chat, interact, and ask questions to presenters. There will also be a chat function during the livestream which Tyler will monitor for Questions and other fun things.

Livestream access requires you to create an online profile, which is separate from any other Warwick Schiller profile.