Matt & Jezey Wolf

Originally from rural QLD, Jezey spent the lion’s share of her years a wild spirit stuck in the cycle of city life. After finishing school, she moved to Melbourne, where she worked as a high level marketer across various brands and clients, in senior leadership and as a freelance consultant. Always the ‘odd’ one, Jezey always knew she was a little bit different and could see and feel things a little differently to most, but it would be some 30+ years before she realised this was a gift, not a curse… As a child, she was affectionately referred to as the ‘pied piper’ thanks to the collection of animals always at her feet. From a young age, she felt most comfortable surrounded by animals and never totally at ease surrounded by people. Even during her many years living in major cities, she was always drawn to horses. The love affair once ignited as a young child burned, and she knew the day would come when she could again return to her roots and be back in nature and with horses; just when and how this would happen wasn’t always clear. Fast forward to roughly five years ago, and her path crossed with her now husband, Matt. When you know, you know…; and she knew, so she swiftly packed her bags and moved to Queensland. When life brought her back to the land, the call to reconnect with nature and the horses were strong and the reality that her journey was to help others find peace became clear. Through so many years in corporate, she had seen the lack of joy, peace and connection so many live with and consider normal. She is now passionate about helping people, young and old, find their roots in the earth, connect with their inner spirit, and with the help of the horses, find their inner peace and the truest joy in life – whatever that may be. Jezey holds a Bachelor of Communication, a Master of Marketing and a in progress Master of Counselling and Psychotherapy.


Matt was born and bred in Sunny Queensland. He always struggled with being ‘compliant’; as such the traditional schooling system wasn’t a good fit for him, and he left in year nine to head west and start life on the land. Under the stewardship of one of the country’s best known drovers, he spent six months sleeping under the stars and bathing in water troughs pushing cattle across Queensland. The perfect life for a boy looking to become a man in a world that is not always forgiving of those with a strong spirit. After six months on horseback, the wages (some $250 a week for 14-hour days and seven day weeks) lost their sheen. He went to Ag’ college for a qualification that would hopefully boost his earning potential…the gains were minimal, so he accepted that returning home to take up the family trade of boiler making was a more viable way to make a decent wage. Whilst working in the metal industry, Matt stumbled upon MMA whilst looking for a way to shed some excess weight; this soon turned into an obsession, and before long, he was taking professional fights across the country. Through fighting, he would cross paths with a girl in Melbourne, who he would marry and begin building a life. Today Matt is based out of Wolf Pack Ranch with his wife, Jezey, and children. Matt, unfortunately, married a woman who is as impulsive as him, and they now have a herd of 9 horses, some cattle, some buffalo, a house pig, a bunch of dogs, cats, and chickens. So absurd is the Ranch life that he spent his last tax return on a wild Northern territory swamp buffalo that Jezey tamed using Warwick Schiller-inspired training techniques. Since settling into his new life, Matt has realized his passion for helping people. Through mentoring work with disengaged youth, he was drawn to find ways to help more people. This is now his biggest passion and life work. Through working with the horses and the grounding power of time in nature, he seeks to help young people who are struggling with the ‘straight and narrow’ find their right path.