Sarah Louise Lilley

Sarah Louise Lilley is a clinical Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT or “Tapping”) practitioner. She loves helping people overcome fears, blocks and phobias, as well as supporting equestrians, who have experienced trauma, get back in the saddle with ease and confidence. Known for her holistic and heart-centered approach, Sarah equips clients with tools that cultivate ease, trust, and clarity by releasing the root causes of anxious thinking and limiting beliefs. Sarah has also worked extensively with large-scale groups. Her outreach spans diverse audiences, such as hospital nurses, new moms in women’s shelters, high school students facing the challenges of adolescence, and C-Suite Executives. Sarah mentors the next generation of EFT Practitioners at EFT Universe, the world’s largest EFT certification program, recently teaching alongside Dawson Church at The Omega Institute. A former actor, with numerous network credits, Sarah is also a mom and avid equestrian.