Mary Corning

Mary Corning is an author, conscious awareness coach and avid horsewoman. In her award-winning book, Perfect Practice, A Philosophy for Living an Authentic and Transparent Life, Mary combines wisdom and stories to create a relatable experience for the reader. This relatability ignites personal awareness and simplifies deep philosophical inquiry.
Mary shows, both in her book and through her sessions, that when we live from our true nature we can effectively:
• Turn fear into curiosity
• Pain into purpose
• Conflict into confidence
Mary’s 40 years with horses offered the realization of the essential nature in all life. This realization led her to break free of the limitations and ineffective conditioning of her past. Mary’s horsemanship was greatly influenced by the many years she spent learning the wisdom of Tom Dorrance through the teachings of Ray Hunt. These men are widely known as masters of conscious horsemanship. But Mary gained much more than horsemanship skills through this education. She gained the ability to know her innermost truth. Mary teaches through personal and horse related experiences, sharing her message in podcasts, sessions and retreats. Removing resistance and finding freedom of expression for both horses and humans is the cornerstone of Mary’s work. Living effectively from our essential nature “we can shift our perspective and change our world.”