Jordanna Anawalt

Jordanna Anawalt is an enrolled Hupa descending from the Hoopa Valley Tribe of Northern California. She acknowledges that the beautiful Central Oregon land that she currently resides and works upon is the original homelands of the Confederated Tribes of Warm Springs who ceded the land in the Treaty of 1855.

Jordanna works as a Congruent Communication Coach with humans and horses, a Medicine Drum Dreaming Guide, an artist, a story holder, and a communication channel for those without spoken language. She is the creator of Equine Experiential InnerStanding™ and the specialization of CHOICE Horsemanship™. Her work focuses on guiding humans and horses to oneness by revitalizing indigenous approaches to live in harmony with the natural world.

From her earliest memories, Jordanna was tuned in to the whispers of the natural world and is a lifelong student of the teachings of the 7-Directions as well as the symbolism contained within The Dreaming. During an out of body experience when she was an adolescent, a being appeared and offered her the following insight: “In every moment, you have a choice. You can choose to live in a story that is created by what’s happening to you; or you can choose to live in a story where you are the creator of events. Your experience is simply your choice.” Jordanna carried this spiritual guidance as a compass into adulthood and in 2018, one of her school horses spoke and told her a story of the direct correlation between global well-being and humankind’s relationship with both the horse―domestication to present―and the natural world―hunter-gather society to present. This communication was a choice-point in Jordanna’s journey, and it initiated an immersive walk alongside Horse to explore and experience the synonymous character and spirit in which both horses and indigenous cultures live their lives: aware and attuned to nature’s inherent design of cooperation and congruence. Jordanna traveled to Western Australia, Indonesia, and Hawaii where she was a student of the land and several Medicine Keepers who gifted her the remembering of the Horse as a representation of Nature. When she returned to the PNW, she held a strongly rooted understanding of the need to cultivate a community connection space where the approach to holistic well-being was inspirited by indigenous wisdoms and inspired by the Medicine Horse and her way of life. She made a choice to create what was being called forward and CHOICE Tribe was born.

CHOICE Tribe was founded in 2019 out of a deep admiration and reverence for the Horse alongside Jordanna’s indigenous heritage―Hupa―which honors the inextricable connection between the natural world and spirit plane. The programs CHOICE Tribe presents to the world are an embodiment of the original knowing that there is no separation between Nature and the People, because we are Nature.