Grace Keeton

Grace Keeton was raised and resides in southwestern Ohio. Born with horses in her heart, she grew up riding in a small local program, developing a dream to train horses. Along her life’s path training horses, she discovered the benefits of craniosacral therapy for herself after an injury left her in a great deal of pain. Craniosacral sessions became lessons in feeling the craniosacral rhythm herself, ultimately changing her life’s path to learning how to offer the same profound healing to her equine friends. Her journey led her across the country to Tom Mayes of Integrated Equine Therapies in Placerville, California. She learned craniosacral therapy and functional indirect osteopathic techniques from Tom and instantly loved the innate “remembering” that takes place within his courses. She’s taken this passion to the eastern side of the country, traveling where the horses call her to work and has since become one of the first certified instructors of Tom’s techniques outside of Tom himself.