Doniga Markegard

Doniga Markegard is a wildlife tracker, regenerative rancher, speaker, and author of Dawn Again: Tracking the Wisdom of the Wild and Wolf Girl: Finding Myself in the Wild. Along with her husband and four children, Doniga owns and operates Markegard Family Grass-Fed LLC raising grass-fed beef, lamb, pastured pork, and chicken supplying the San Fransisco Bay Area with local, nutrient-dense foods. Doniga’s deep observation experience aids in her ability to monitor grassland health and biodiversity, and to manage land based on the principles and patterns found in nature. She is dedicated to finding ways to regenerate lands and communities through ranching practices that build soil, sequester carbon, capture and purify water and enhance habitat. She has worked with companies such as Patagonia, Tesla and Google, and has been featured in articles from Civil EatsFastCompanyGreenBizThe San Francisco Examiner, and NPR. Most recently she has been featured in the film Kiss the Ground available on Netflix.