Shea Stewart

Shea’s goal in her horsemanship journey was to connect to the heart and mind of the horse, and to help people have a better understanding of the possibilities of this connection. What she started to learn along the way was how this relationship with horses can be incredibly healing for the human. Communicating with a horse by exchanging a heartfelt feel brings us into an awareness of our own self concept, our own embodiment, our own rhythms in how we walk through life. She watched as this relationship with horses taught people how to slow down their minds and have faith in the present moment.

With over 900 hours of formal craniosacral classes, and over 15 years of equine clinical practice, Shea is proficient in biodynamic, visionary, and biomechanical approaches to craniosacral. She has developed her own unique curriculum that is updated regularly and launching a new program for 2023. Shea also has a clinical practice and have incorporated horsemanship lessons and help owners with basics such as saddle fittings and consultations.