Kim Kizzier Sherrodd

Kim has been led by the more subtle realms of our existence which horses perfectly exemplify. She has studied in-depth in various native and indigenous healing methods and energy medicine. Because balance is always important, Kim has also studied and worked in western medicine within the more scientific approach. She spent many years studying and working in the veterinary industry. Natural methods of horsemanship have intrigued Kim and she has studied with many masters over the years. As a licensed human massage therapist and certified animal massage and acupressure practitioner, Kim created the school of Applied Integrative Therapy that offers certification in Equine Bodywork which will allow graduates to sit for the national boards. Kim is currently the board chair for the National Board for Certification of Animal Massage and Acupressure. Spending over a decade living in tents, tipis, back of pick-ups, Kim explored the western US working with horses, sled dogs, as an herbal wild-crafter, energy medicine, and sometimes traveling via horseback. It is Kim’s vision to help create a more balanced world for our earth, humans, horses, and all species. She works diligently to be part of the solution to our current global imbalance. She has been able to work and gather with some amazing mentors and colleagues over the years. Recently, she has been working with Alberto Villaldo, Marcela Lobos, and the many amazing shamans, teachers, authors, doctors, and specialists they bring into the circle for the purpose of shifting our planet toward a more healthy, happy, and sustainable future.