Kelly Wilson

Number One Bestselling author, award-winning photographer, reality television star, wild horse tamer, motivational speaker, equestrian, and adventurer – Kelly Wilson is a woman whose passion permeates into everything she does. Back in 2012, when her journey with the Kaimanawas began, Kelly had no idea where her affinity for wild horses would take her. Now, alongside a list of bestselling books and award-winning photographs of wild horses, Kelly is the only trainer in the world to have achieved top six finishes in the Extreme Mustang Makeover, Australian Brumby Challenge and Kaimanawa Stallion Challenges. In recent years, she has continued to advocate for wild horses on a global scale, taming almost 100 wild horses, and from 2018 to 2020 she spent several months living out with wild horses in Canada, America, Australia, Portugal and New Zealand to observe herd behaviour for her bestselling book Wild Horses of the World. She now has 19 books published. Kelly also has a passion for training domestic and wild horses at liberty, winning Equidays Top Talent in 2018 and going on to perform at many of the nation’s leading equestrian events. Her extensive knowledge of wild horses, equine behaviour and horsemanship has gained her international recognition and she has become a popular guest on television shows, renowned equestrian podcasts and in magazines.