Julie Ripley

At 35 Julie burned out in a CFO position.  She felt lost.  She had splintered herself into everything she thought other people and society thought she should be.  She had lost self-connection and was stuck on the hamster wheel of self-improvement.  She was exhausted, resentful, and disillusioned.

She knew there had to be a different way.

Growing up on a horse ranch in Montana, horses had always been a source of her understanding of connection, boundaries, and communication.

Continuing her lifelong study of personal growth and spiritual development, she explores the healing arts and sacred sciences.  She studied various modalities (craniosacral therapy, energy healing, medical intuition, yoga) in the 14 years she spent as a massage therapist.   She began to find those pieces she had splintered off and the ones that she was never able to see before.

Julie is a personal development coach specializing in self-connection, boundaries, and communication.  She is a speaker and has authored her own coaching programs; pulling together her experience of burning out in a CFO position and her lifelong study of personal growth and spiritual development.  She helps high-achieving successful people, who are feeling stuck, claim what matters to them.