Hannah Betts

Born in Cornwall, England, Hannah grew up doing gymnastics, swimming and life guarding and spent most of her time outdoors. Age 18 she lived in Honduras for a year teaching English. Age 20 she worked and travelled solo around Australia for 9 months. In her mid 20s she used her Associates Degree in Outdoor Education and was employed by a charity organization to work with inner city kids ‘at risk’ taking them into the great outdoors to experience climbing, hiking, kayaking and sailing while allowing them to work on their personal development. She went on to become an active duty Police Officer for 5 years in the U.K, during which she discovered the sport of skydiving! She became a member of the British Skydiving Team that won a World Championships in 2008. The team often trained in California which lead her to move to California in 2009 and pursue a full time career in Skydiving where she coached and instructed individual beginners to National teams. She has around 8500 jumps and she’s instructed on multiple military freefall courses training Navy Seals and Rangers, along with Swedish, Canadian and British Special Forces how to freefalll with military equipment. Skydiving eventually lead her into stunts, getting her first stunt job in 2013 and she is now a full time Stuntwoman in Los Angeles! Up until 5 years ago she was terrified of horses, until a friend took her to a lesson and curiosity got the better of her. Somehow, 6 years later she owns 2 QH geldings and 2 rescue donkeys that live on her 5 acre property, and she rides as often as she can.