Frances Ulman

The most unbelievable stories are the true ones. Frances’ story is still being written. Previously a clinical psychologist and ardent atheist from the USA, Frances is now initiated into a lineage of shamans in Mongolia. Part of her year she lives and sits with people in Mongolia. This transformation began when Frances spontaneously starting having awarenesses beyond what she thought could be true. These experiences included perceiving the subtle energies in living beings around her, and receiving messages in her private practice from the passed loved ones of her clients. Despite significant bewilderment, not for a moment did Frances doubt the validity of her newly opening sacred senses. However, these new awareness challenged her most fundamental beliefs. Frances saw two possible paths ahead. She could either stay in the life she knew and try to suppress her new awarenesses, or she could leave everything she had known and set out on a great adventure into the unknown. In a decision some call foolish and others call fearless, she left everything behind and jumped into the unknown. First living in Nepal, Frances has now moved over 250 times across many countries and continents including Nepal, India, Sápmi (Indigenous lands of northern Europe) on the Norway side of the border, Greenland, Bhutan, Iceland, Denmark, Mexico, South Korea, Scotland, Ireland, and Taiwan. Of all the places she has been, the most transformative for Frances has been living in Mongolia with shamans, Spirits, and the land. Only in Mongolia, after many years of feeling lost and confused, did she finally feel found when she was told she was a shaman. Being initiated did not end her journey. It began the next chapter. As a shaman Frances now uses her time to help others. She sits with people in Mongolia and online. Frances especially enjoys being with new sacred healers as they find themselves on their own journeys. Frances offers a community for learning and growing together on her Patreon “Dropout Psychologist’s Sacred Bear Den”. This space is for anyone on their own sacred path – all kinds of wonderful souls (healers and not healers) gather here together for teachings, sound meditations, live monthly chats, and more. On her podcast “Not All Spirits are Jerks” Frances shares her wild stories with humor and heart. In her casual story telling style, she looks back on her own transformation. She shares what she has learned about the true nature of reality now that she works for the Spirits.  In this podcast Frances explains why becoming a shaman wasn’t the hard part.  To unlearn all she had been told, so she could remember the sacred within herself and all life, was the very heart of her journey.