Catriona MacDonald Kissing A Horse

Catriona MacDonald

Catriona Macdonald is a healer, animal communicator, story carrier and workshop leader.  She is also a Heart Math Institute trainer and and works in the field of human potential through Equine Facilitated Coaching.  In the early 1990’s she became one of the pioneers of holistic medicine with animals, as a cranial osteopath working with sport horses, working dogs, companion animals and injured wildlife.  It was the animals, who showed her how far humans had moved out of the interconnectedness of all Life on this beautiful Earth.  They showed her the way back into an original kind of relating, with grace and compassion.  The passion and longing at the heart of her work, became sharing these ways back into connection, and a remembering of ourselves as one of the myriad kinds of being on the Earth.

In the first couple of decades of her work, this was embedded within her osteopathic practice, bringing people and their animals into closer relationship. Then in 2014, she began sharing her love of all the more-than-human Life, through leading workshops. In these she shares heart centred practices that awaken us to the beauty of our more-than-human relations and reconnect us to a deep sense of our place amongst this web of life.  At mid Winter Solstice 2018, in response to the challenges of these times,  Catriona created new work, bringing the wisdom of Horse into the centre of re-imagining a new way of being human in these times.  This work weaves together all the threads of her learning and experience, and her own journey of transformation with Horse.  It is a work of re-awakening  our innate imaginal capacity, and one where we connect to our agency to ‘become the change we want to see in our world’.  The old myths that have companioned the peoples of the Earth for thousands of human generations, are guides and teachers in the workshops and courses.  The gifts and teachings of these stories are the framework for honouring the land and the more than human life, and for the enquiry that the workshop participants take to the Horses.  Both in the form of ‘shamanic’ drum journeys to the Horse Nation in the Spirit World and in meetings with the horses that live on the land where the workshops are held.