Ariana Strozzi Mazzucchi

Ariana is an inspiring cowgirl, rooted in the ancient wisdom of plants, animals and the natural world. She is an international pioneer in the field of equine therapies, founding Leadership, & Horses™ and Intuitive Horsemanship™ in 1989 and Equine Guided Education and Coaching in 1999.
Ariana grew up training horses and winning champion awards in dressage, jumping, eventing, gymkhana, reining, and working cow horse. She received her Zoologist degree from UC Davis in 1984 with a specialization in Raptors and animal behavior. She learned through her diverse experience with horses and wildlife, that like all animals our primary source of communication is intuitive and deeply sensitive to the energetic essence of our environment. This gem of insight has propelled her into untethered territory where everything is connected and transformational change begins here.

In addition to her contribution to the horse world, Ariana is a creative visionary, successful entrepreneur, proud mother and award-winning author of four books. From 1996 to 2012, Ariana presented over sixteen international conferences with the intention to expand human consciousness and create new paradigms for healing, social connection and a respect for Mother Earth. She excels at thinking outside the box, challenging outdated paradigms, and creating new strategies to achieve amazing results. Her passions include sustainable land stewardship, healthy lifestyle practices, healing for the earth.