The Presenters

Each presenter delivered their own 20-minute TIC Talk (Teach, Inspire, Connect) which is indicated below their name and above their bio.

Carla Bauchmueller

The Intuitive Rider: Connected Consciousness In The Saddle

Carla Bauchmueller focuses on helping women understand themselves mentally, physically, and emotionally so that they can become the intuitive rider their horse deserves.

Sukie Baxter

How To Unlock Your Mind From Fear And Rewire Your Brain For Success

Sukie Baxter is a high-performance coach who teaches mind-body practices and nervous system level healing to optimize health and performance in all areas of life. She has traveled the world to study with master’s in mindful movement, integrative bodywork, trauma healing, strength and conditioning, shamanism, and energy medicine. Blending elements from her studies, she has developed her signature Nerve Method™ to heal stress and anxiety at the nervous system level so that you can experience greater presence, joy, connection, and aliveness. 

Nahshon Cook

Follow The Horse, And Find Heaven In Every Step

Nahshon Cook is a first generation horseman from inner-city Denver who lives and works on his family’s small farm in Parker, Colorado. His current horse-work interests lay in helping rehabilitate horses with major emotional, mental, and physical training related trauma. 

Leslie Desmond

The Signs and Feel of Sureness: How I Learned to Trust it

Leslie Desmond co-authored True Horsemanship Through Feel with Bill Dorrance in 1999 and has dedicated her life to keeping the traditions of horsemanship alive all over the world. The story of Leslie’s journey is an amazing tale of connection and a true testament to the power of patience and a willingness to learn.

Dr. Susan Fay

Communion with horses in the Sacred Space

Dr. Susan Fay is known throughout the world for her Amazon best-selling book, Sacred Spaces – Communion with the horse through science and spirit. This book is based on her decades of research and experience in the areas of equine behavior, human psychology, and the silent world of energy. 


Horses to Heal, Horses to Harm

Rupert Isaacson is a British-South African film producer, writer, and Autism awareness advocate who has dedicated his life to helping his son, Rowan, by working with horses. In addition to founding The Horse Boy Foundation, which helps connect autistic children with equine-assisted therapists who practice the Horse Boy method of healing and transformation, Rupert has traveled the world with his son to places like Africa, Australia, and a Navajo Reservation. Along the way, he discovered the healing power of shamanism and how there are spiritual ways individuals with autism can become empowered members of society.

Terry Kuebler

Quantum Intentions

Terry Kuebler is a gifted channel and intuitive. Her love of the natural world drew her to a career as an animal trainer for the Hollywood film industry.  For over 30 years Terry was privileged to work with a wide variety of both exotic and domestic animals ranging from insects to elephants.  Terry’s expertise was in working with large exotic cats, wolves and birds of prey. Today Terry is passionate about sharing lessons learned from the animals themselves.  Teaching skills in awareness, coherence, deep listening and the universal language of frequency.

Jillian Kreinbring

Influences from the Natural World, Rhythm, and Horsemanship

With a vision to train and ride horses in accordance with sound functional anatomy and posture principles, Jillian Kreinbring’s goal is to balance the natural and anatomic forces within and between the horse and human for healthy movement and vital longevity.

Kerri Lake

Be Human

Kerri Lake is best known for her work as an animal communicator, but now focuses her energy on teaching others how to communicate more effectively with both people and animals.

Jim Masterson

An Interaction With Animals & How It Got That Way

Jim Masterson was the equine bodywork therapist for the 2006-2014 USEF Endurance Teams and for equine athletes competing in World Cup, Pan American Cup and World Equestrian Games events. He teaches horse owners an interactive method of equine bodywork in which the practitioner follows responses of the horse to touch to enable the horse’s body to release accumulated physical tension. The result of this interaction is improved movement andperformance as well as new levels of communication and trust established between human andhorse. He is the author of Beyond Horse Massage, Dressage Movements Revealed and Light to the Core.

Crissi McDonald

The Opposite of Fear Isn’t Confidence

Crissi McDonald is an Author, Certified Masterson Method Body Worker, Clinician, and founder of Heartline Horse Training. Crissi spends her time travelling the country with her husband Mark Rashid helping people discover more about themselves and their horses.

Josh Nichol

Josh Nichol

Understanding the Universal Language : How space and energy impact communication.

As an internationally respected horseman and teacher, Josh Nichol’s style of Relational Horsemanship combines a deep understanding of the horse’s needs, movement biomechanics, human behavior, and more.  Driven by a passion for authentic connection and purpose, Josh began learning and mentoring with horse industry leaders in the early 2000’s and has been refining his craft ever since.  The focus on relationship and connection means that Relational Horsemanship is inter-disciplinary and can help horses and riders using any kind of tack.  Depending on how deep you want to go, this work doesn’t just change your horse; it has the potential to change your entire outlook on life. 

Dr. Stephen Peters

Re-wiring my Autistic Brain

Dr. Stephen Peters, Psy.D., ABN, Diplomate in Neuropsychology. Dr. Peters has worked in the past as chief of Neuropsychological Services for a large neurology practice in Danbury, Connecticut. He also served as the Clinical Director of American Fork Hospital Memory Clinic and Utah Valley Hospital’s Clinic for Brain Health. Dr. Peters specializes in brain functioning. As a neuroscientist and horse brain researcher, he has given numerous presentations and performed several horse brain dissections for students. Over the past decade, he has worked in conjunction with renowned horseman and clinician, Martin Black, with whom he co-authored the book, Evidence-Based Horsemanship

Kathy Price

Understanding the power and unique magnificence that is you

Kathy comes from a scientific background gaining a BSc (Hons) degree in Zoology. After many years of studying energy, quantum physics, healing, spirituality and training in several energetic modalities, Kathy is well-established in her work which she calls Point of Balance.

Jane Pike

Creatures of Movement: Understanding Mind, Movement & Emotion Through The Wisdom Of The Body Moving

Jane founded Confident Rider, working with riders and horsepeople all over the world, inspiring them to new levels of confidence, connection, and performance. Her work now  centers around the nervous system, exploring physical and emotional patterns at their most foundational level- the brain and the nervous system- with the aim of creating adaptability and responsiveness, both in and out of the saddle.  Her approach combines mindset, movement and holistic biomechanics with a specific focus on nervous system awareness and understanding.

Mark Rashid

Martial Arts and the Balance of Harmony

Mark Rashid is an internationally known author and horseman known for his ability to understand the horse’s point of view and solve difficult problems with communication rather than force. When Mark decided to study the martial art of aikido as a way to improve his horsemanship, he brought the same quiet determination to it that he exhibits in his work with horses. 

Karen Rohlf

Love it or change it

Karen Rohlf is the author of the amazingly influential book Dressage Naturally:  Results in Harmony. Her sense of responsibility to the horse, as well as her open, nonjudgmental, and fair-minded nature, allows riders to go beyond the rigid rules of specific disciplines and get to the heart of their mental, emotional, and physical partnership with their horse.

Sarah Schlote

Think Like a Therapist: Life Hacks from the Frontlines of Trauma

Sarah Schlote MA, RP, CCC, SEP (she/elle) is a bilingual Registered Psychotherapist, Canadian Certified Counsellor, and Somatic Experiencing Practitioner in private practice. She is the founder of EQUUSOMA: Horse-Human Trauma Recovery, and co-founder of Equuscience (along with Dr. Steve Peters). She has also trained in EMDR (for humans and for animals), Brainspotting, Deep Brain Reorienting, attachment work, various forms of parts work and touch work, pre- and peri-natal trauma work, Indigenous Tools for Living, and resolving fear in horses (IAABC). Her equine-related work goes beyond behaviourism and is informed by ethology, somatics, equitation science, social justice, and relational rupture and repair, among others.

Barbra Schulte

The Mind and Heart of Living In-Spired 

Barbara Schulte is a decorated cutting horse trainer, clinician, and author who focuses on the rider’s mental performance in order to help them achieve their goals. Barbara was inducted into the Cowgirl Hall of Fame in 2012 and spends her time traveling the country helping people become mentally focused on their horsemanship

Elsa Sinclair

Recognizing the Individual

Elsa Sinclair is a horse trainer from the Pacific Northwest of the United States. From a family of horse trainers she has had a meandering journey through many different styles of horsemanship until she stumbled on a question that needed exportation. What if horses were given a choice? Would they let us ride them? Without force or tools to control and without bribes to lure them? The question led to a project that begged to be documented as it become a film is the journey of one wild mustang off the range, Myrnah, a horse with her own mind, strength, and sense of independence. One trainer, no tools, just body language. The ups and downs, the trials and frustrations, and the beauty and persevering truth connection brings in its wake. This is the adventure that shaped the horse trainer that Elsa Sinclair is today and the theories behind Freedom Based Training.

Shea Stewart

Sensory Receptors and Cognitive Awareness

Shea’s goal in her horsemanship journey was to connect to the heart and mind of the horse, and to help people have a better understanding of the possibilities of this connection. What she started to learn along the way was how this relationship with horses can be incredibly healing for the human. Communicating with a horse by exchanging a heartfelt feel brings us into an awareness of our own self concept, our own embodiment, our own rhythms in how we walk through life. She watched as this relationship with horses taught people how to slow down their minds and have faith in the present moment. 

With over 900 hours of formal craniosacral classes, and over 15 years of equine clinical practice, Shea is proficient in biodynamic, visionary, and biomechanical approaches to craniosacral. She has developed her own unique curriculum that is updated regularly and launching a new program for 2023. Shea also has a clinical practice and have incorporated horsemanship lessons and help owners with basics such as saddle fittings and consultations. 

Dr. Jessica White-Plume

Horses and healing from a holistic indigenous view

Dr. Jessica White Plume is a member of the Oglala Lakota Nation, and her Lakota name is Sung Agli Win (She Brings Back Horses).  She grew up on the Pine Ridge reservation, in SD, and went on to complete her Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology from the University of North Dakota, as well as a Masters in Public Health from the University of Minnesota.  Jessica’s career has focused on the integration of holistic approaches to mental health in indigenous communities.